Nov 18, 2016


Microbiological enumeration is important in a food processing, this procedure is to provide assurance on food safety. One of the enumeration needed for food processing is total plate count that count all the aerobic bacteria. The total plate count (TPC) is to indicate the level of microorganism in a product.

In a food processing, faster product release can improve the business for food company and  to release a product there are some regulatory requirements for the microbiology safety of products. In the other hand, with conventional method, the result for TPC is takes two days so they must find a method that is booth validated and rapid. In this food safety challenges, a rapid enumeration method will give real solutions. SimPlate® system from BioControl System, Inc., is a solution for rapid enumeration in microbology test for quality control in a food processing. SimPlate® system gives an accurate and faster result. This method uses the proprietary binary detection technology in microwells to enable easy counting of colonies. This eliminates the problem of spreaders giving false counts. The time to results is 24 hours.

All living organisms including microorganism depend on a pH level to sustain live. Measurement of pH is needed in all process that containing water. pH is determines the acid and base characteristics of water. A neutral pH is 7,0; values below 7 are acidic and values above 7 are alkaline. pH levels are often associated with nutrient deficiencies, metal toxicities, or other problems for aquatic life.

Measurement of pH is measured by a sensing electrode for Hydrogen and reference electrode along with a meter to measure the electorde potential ( YSI is one of our product that can measured pH accurtely. The YSI pH sensor is a glass bulb filled with a solution of stable pH (usually 7), so the inside of the glass surface experiences constant binding of H+ ions. The outside of the bulb is exposed to a water sample where H+ varies. The resulting differential of H+ creates a potential which is read by the meter versus the stable potential of the reference electrode (


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